Staff Directory – Administration / District Office


Photo of Mrs. Donna Clark Mrs. Donna Clark School Board Secretary
814-447-5529 ext 2605
Photo of Mr. Sean Cummins Mr. Sean Cummins HS/MS Principal
814-447-5529 ext 2507
Photo of Mrs. Kathy Cutchall Mrs. Kathy Cutchall Elementary Principal
814-447-5529 ext 6505
Photo of Mr. Stanley Hall Mr. Stanley Hall Director of Maintenance
814-447-5529 ext 2610
Photo of Ms. Celeste Horne Ms. Celeste Horne Superintendent’s Secretary
814-447-5529 ext 2604
Photo of Mrs. Hilliary Lambert Mrs. Hilliary Lambert Business Manager
814-447-5529 ext 2603
Photo of Mrs. Betsy McMath Mrs. Betsy McMath Secretary / Transportation
814-447-5529 ext 2611
Photo of Mr. Dwayne Northcraft Mr. Dwayne Northcraft Superintendent
814-447-5529 ext 2606
Photo of Mrs. Julie Patton Mrs. Julie Patton Payroll Clerk
814-447-5529 ext 2602
Photo of Mrs. Alisa Scott Mrs. Alisa Scott Director of Special Education
814-447-5529 ext 2608
Photo of Mr. Mike Sellers Mr. Mike Sellers Director of Technology / Volleyball Head Coach
814-447-5529 ext 2607
Photo of Miss Jenna Wible Miss Jenna Wible Business Office Secretary
814-447-5529 ext 2612
Photo of Mr. Jordan Yarwood Mr. Jordan Yarwood HS/MS Director of Curriculum
814-447-5529 ext 2510